Vintage 1980s Fleece Drop Seat Footed PJs For Adults

Oh Yeah. Psyche. It’s time to get Stoked.

Yes-Neon is very important to the 80's kids.

Weird Science? Nah. Just kick ass adult footed pajamas

These are Tubular. Totally.  These are not Butt-Ugly PJs. They are not Grody but rather Gnarly. Rock on Valley Girls and Studs…

Bust out the Mullet, grab a Skunk Beer, an exceedingly Skinny Tie and let’s get to it! Vintage 1980’s Fleece Drop Seat PJ’s for Adults!

We have microphones, cassette tapes, guitars, vinyl records with some crazy bright colors in these AWESOME Vintage 1980s Fleece Butt-Flap Footed Pajamas For Adults

But First: You need to get in the mood and watch this Video

VIDEO: The Most Ridiculous 1980’s Music Videos Ever (What Do You Think?)

Footed Pajamas for Adults

PajamaCity Vintage 1980s Fleece Drop Seat Footed PJs For Adults

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How are these pop music footed pajamas supposed to fitsLoose enough that you can curl up in a ball and have them still not feel tight. All of our 1980s pop music print pajamas are made extra roomy so you don’t have to order a larger size just to get more room in the waist.Drop seats (Yes, the butt-flap!)Yes! These pop music footie pajamas feature our popular drop seat back which means you can stay warm and cozy when nature calls. This means that you won’t have to take your pop music footies completely off when using the restroom. These….

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“I am serious…and don’t call me Shirley” (1980)

Bueller. Bueller. Bueller.” (1986)

Here’s Johnny!” (1980)

I’ll Be Back.” (1984)

“Wax On. Wax Off.”

and much much more

VIDEO: Possibly The Best 1980s Movie Quotes Videos Perfect While You Are Wearing Your Vintage 1980s Fleece Drop Seat Footed PJs For Adults

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