Hooded Footed Pajamas For Adults | Hooded Footie Celebration!

Hooded Footed Pajamas For Adults: Lights, Cell Phone Video Cam – Action!

Hooded Footed Pajamas For Adults-Rubber Duckies

WARNING! Wearing Hooded Footed Pjs with Rubber Duckies as an adult may cause laughter.

Looking for hooded footed pajamas for adults? You are certainly in the right place for hooded footed pajamas. Wait until you see these fun adult footed pj’s!


As mentioned in our previously published article, there is something that happens to humans when they put on footie pajamas for adults. This write up will only bolster that argument as you will see in the hooded footed pajamas for adults videos below.


Here is one video proving our point… Hooded Footed Pajamas For Adults Celebration: More Fun Video Evidence That This Is Contagious


We went searching for great Hooded Footed Pajamas For Adults and found these. So we would like to share them with you…(bust out the cell phone cam) :)

Super Cool New Feature for Footies PJ’s For Adults – Find Them Fast Right Here!


Just give that search function for footed pajamas a try. Last time I check – it worked brilliantly!

Today, there are some fantastic hooded footed pajamas for adults on the market (yay!) It just boils down to what colors you like, the quality of the hooded footed pajamas, the size and what is available online- Let’s check a few winners out…


Ninja Monkey Hooded Footed Pajamas For Women and Adults (full write up below)

There are Blue Leopard Print Hooded Footed Pajamas for adults and Pink  Hooded Footed Pajamas with Drop Seat Patterned Hooded Footies – you name it! Here are some great details and reviews of more Hooded Footed Pajamas for Adults, Men and Women – we found. Enjoy!


Hooded Footie Pajamas For Men (On Sale)

These hooded footie pjs for men by Alexander Del Rossa have a neat zip off feet option - and were on sale (hopefully they still are)

Alexander Del Rossa hooded footies with zip off feet received a great review. This guy is buying some more for a family member.

Hooded Footed Pajamas For Men: Like These Alexander Del Rossa Micro Fleece Toasty PJ’s (on sale when we posted this)

  • Zip Off Feet are a great feature
  • Drawstring hoodie just in case
  • Kangaroo pockets hold cell and more
  • Micro Fleece hooded footed pjs Keep you warm
  • Non-skid traction footies
  • Elastic back for gathered waist line
  • Sizing For Hooded Footed Pajamas:
  • Small: Will fit Chests 34-36 inches, Height up to 6 feet 2 inches
  • Medium: Will fit Chests 38-40 inches, Height up to 6 feet 2 inches
  • Large: Will fit Chests 42-44 inches, Height up to 6 feet 2 inches inches
  • XL: Will fit Chests 46-48 inches, Height up to 6 feet 2 inches
  • XXL: Will fit Chests 50-52 inches, Height up to 6 feet 3 inches

Recent Review Hooded Footed Pajamas for Adults: Men -Nov 2011: “I love these pjs! As soon as I got them I washed them and put them on as soon as they were done drying. SO SOFT AND WARM! My aunt was so impressed with them that I’m ordering a pair for her for Christmas. I highly recommend these to any one who gets cold fast, this will surely do the trick.”

Hooded footed PJs for women too like these super Ninja Space Monkey pjs.

The Ninja Space Monkey Hooded Footed pajamas may take you into another dimension entirely!

Hooded Footed Pajamas For Women


Detailed Information About the Ninja Monkey Print Hooded Footed Pajamas with Drop Seat

  • How are these ninja monkey hooded footed pajamas supposed to fit?
    Loose enough that you can curl up in a ball and have them still not feel tight. All of our ninja monkey hooded footie pajamas are made extra roomy so you don’t have to order a larger size just to get more room in the waist.
  • Drop seat? (Yes, the butt-flap!)
    Yes! These ninja monkey hooded footie pajamas feature our popular drop seat back which means you can stay warm and cozy when nature calls. This means that you wont have to take your hooded footies completely off when using the restroom. These hooded pajamas are the ultimate in comfort.
  • Concerning our sizing chart:
    We have tried these ninja monkey hoodie footed pajamas on dozens of different sized people.
    The recommendations you see on our charts are based on what they said they felt most comfy in both standing and curled up!
  • About our polar fleece:
    Our polar fleece fabric is both soft and lightweight without being too warm which means it is perfect for Fall, Winter, and Spring. Expect that these hooded pajamas will shrink slightly from about half an inch to 1 inch depending on how you wash them.
  • Washing instructions:
    We recommend that you wash your ninja monkey print fleece hooded footed pajamas with similar colors in cold water.
  • About the full body zipper:
    Our fleece ninja monkey hooded footies feature a full body zipper that runs from your collar to just below your waist which means it’s very easy to get in and out of them.
  • Info About The Kangaroo Pockets:
    One of the most popular features on our ninja monkey print hooded footies are the kangaroo pockets which can either keep your hands nice and toasty or keep your cellphone and MP3 player handy.


VIDEO: More Evidence of Hooded Footed Pajamas For Adults Creating Glee and Silliness

Full Hooded Footed Pajamas For Adults

VIDEO: As mentioned above, here is one of the Hoodie Footie In Pink Commercials

the TV Hooded Footed Pajamas For Adults Commercial In Pink

Hard to believe that the Holiday Shopping For Christmas Footed PJ’s For Adults has already begun…
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