Drop Seat Green Camo Footie Pajamas For Adults Review

Drop Seat Green Camo Footie Pajamas For Adults Review

Wait till you see what these folks are saying

Drop Seat Green Camo Footie Pajamas For Adults Review – Oh Yeah Let The Party Get Started!

Men and women rejoice!

We have found another pair of drop seat footie pajamas for adults that are getting rave reviews!

These Butt Flap PJs for “Grown-Ups” will keep you warm, cozy – and crazy with laughter!

But first, what can you do while wearing Drop Seat Camo Footie Pajamas?

Invite your friend over, have him wear a Banana Suit, bust out the guitars and jam out to Bark at the Moon!

“My boyfriend is very hard to shop for, so I decided to get him this set of footie pjs for the holidays – as a practical gift that would hopefully get a laugh at the same time. What a great buy, and he was so surprised! He said they are very warm and comfy, and he wears them around the house all the time. He loves them!”

That is awesome…

Here is the full low-down on these very popular Big Feet Pajama Co – Camo Footie Pajamas for Adults (in Micropolar Fleece)


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Big Feet Pjs Green Camouflage (208) Micro-polar Fleece Adult Footed Pajamas with Drop Seat
Overall Rating:
Total Customer Reviews: (12)
List Price: $54.99
Big Feet Pjs green camouflage micro-polar fleece footed pajamas are a favorite of many of our NFL clients! They also make the perfect gift for that outdoorsman or our men and women in the Armed Forces They are made of 100% micro-polar fleece and are so durable, they will last for years. Also, the fabric is higher quality than other fleece pajamas and will not pill when taken out of the dryer. These pajamas button up the front and have non-slip soles. They even have a fun, drop-seat option!

Big Feet Pajamas is the premier manufacturer of footed pajamas! Our onesies….

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