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Footie Pajamas For Adults – Let’s Get This Party Started!

Footie Pajamas for Adults with Hoodies too? Oh Yeah!

As they say, if this doesn’t bring your inner child out – nothing will. Laughter next then dancing!

Welcome to Footie Pajamas For Adults! Your source for all things adult footed PJ’s. So happy you are here. 🙂 Let’s get started…

Just take a moment and imagine yourself and your loved one having the best PJ Party dancing around in Footed Pajamas For Adults

Such a nice thought, isn’t it? There seems to be no limit to the amount of fun that can be had in adult footed pajamas.

Even more giggles, laughs and whispered comments will flow forth when discussing Drop Seat Pajamas a.k.a Butt Flap Pajamas. (snooort!) I forgot to mention that snorts come about as well.

Footie pajamas for adults naturally inspire our inner-child, our laughter and innocence.

Footie Pajamas For Adults Video Celebration One

That’s right. The best Therapy Ever could very well come in a medium sized gift box, wrapped or unwrapped, it wouldn’t matter. You, your dearly-loved and closest friend, have set sail on a course of infinite freedom and carefree delight.

Adult Footie Pajamas On Sale NowAs such, feety pajamas should become the world’s greatest (and cheapest) form of psychotherapy.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Imagine for a moment, you and your dearest friend have just unwrapped a most thoughtful gift of footie pajamas for adults.

“Oh Yeeaah! Yes!” you both exclaim and immediately break into a chorus of glee.


Your adult footed pajamas are camouflaged and hers are a soft, pink fleece with little bunnies hopping around on them.

“I’ve ALWAYS wanted my own pair of Feety Pajamas!!!” both of you scream at the same time…


The anticipation of trying on the extremely comfortable PJ’s is nearly electric in the air and then you both notice something else that you each wanted: Footie butt flap pajamas!

It’s around this moment when the giggles, laughs and yes, snorts come into play. One of your favorite songs comes on like magic and before you both know it – the Footie Pajamas For Adults with Butt Flap Madness Party Begins!

Now, there is uncontrollable dancing and laughter. You are bustin’ moves you haven’t tried since that college beer fest fiasco muddled in blurry fortitude and doing them with sheer precision.

Your adult footed pajama friend now has to get the smart phone video camera out and start shooting this thing. It’s going on YouTube for everybody – Immediately!
Like these fine PJ Party Dancers celebrating life – in the moment – where all time and worry cease to exist…
I’ll look forward to seeing your smiles, hearing your laughter and checkin’ out the dance –

on youtube tomorrow morning…

Footie Pajamas For Adults Video Celebration Two

Speaking of Videos, check out these two guys getting footie pajamas for adults! They are the drop seat pajamas so many people get excited about. Their ladies got these adult footed pj’s for them as presents. So funny.

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